Your healthcare professionals need technology that streamlines core processes and improves the quality of their patient care.

Having the right mobile computers deployed in a clinical setting is vital to achieving these objectives. That’s why our technology solutions for healthcare leverage the very latest innovations in industry-specific handsets.

These high-performance devices help enhance healthcare operations, empowering healthcare workers with premium features. The benefits of utilising healthcare mobile computers from Renovotec includes:

  • Fast mobile computing power.
  • Foster clinical collaboration.
  • Support accurate data capture.
  • Deliver critical patient care.

Healthcare Mobile Computers from Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners

Mobile computers for the healthcare sector offer many of the same features and functionality of other handheld technology innovations, only with a handful of additional elements to make them ideally suited to a clinical setting. Leverage the security and ongoing support of Android, and utilise a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Vibrant Full HD displays.
  • Powerful processors for enhanced performance.
  • Range of connectivity options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.
  • Designed to withstand regular sanitisation.
  • Long battery life for extended shifts.
  • Hot swappable batteries.


Our ecosystem of technology partners includes many of the most trusted names in mobile data capture, including Datalogic, Zebra Technologies and Honeywell.

Contact our experts today to learn more about the Healthcare Mobile Computer technologies that power our end-to-end AIDC technology solutions.