Honeywell is a hardware and software innovator that provides a comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to enhance workplace safety, transform performance at the enterprise level and help organisations embrace greater operational efficiencies.

Its solutions support businesses operating in a wide spectrum of industry verticals including Warehousing, Transport & Logistics, the Retail Supply Chain, Healthcare, Manufacturing, aerospace, automatic, field service and many more.

Honeywell’s safety and productivity solutions make it an ideal technology partner for Renovotec, with its enterprise-grade technology innovations providing a vital ingredient for our end-to-end AIDC technology solutions.

Innovative hardware and software solutions from Honeywell and Renovotec:

  • End-to-end integrated solutions – For e-Commerce.
  • Through the last mile – For Transport & Logistics.
  • Productivity and accuracy – For Warehouses & DCs.
  • The future of retail – For the Retail Supply Chain.


Honeywell Solutions & Knowledge

See Beyond Data with Intelligent Visibility into Distribution Centre Operations

Operational Intelligence is a centralised, cloud-based platform to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility and performance analysis of assets, people and tasks.

With embedded hardware sensors designed into Honeywell products, the solution continuously extracts performance data that is periodically sent to the cloud for analysis.

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Wearable Technology Is Revolutionising The Workplace

Although finding, training and retaining qualified workers have always been challenging, it’s harder than ever in today’s competitive environment.

In mobile workflows, less wasted movement produces greater efficiency.

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The Clearest Voice in Mobile Workflow Efficiency

Your operations and your people are constantly on the move — and under pressure.

From the unrelenting fulfilment demands of ever-expanding inventories and faster, accurate deliveries to the challenges of finding, training and retaining an increasingly scarce workforce, you need flexible solutions that can keep pace and drive productivity.

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How Renovotec, Honeywell & SOTI Keep Retail Tech Simple in an Evolving Digital World

An overwhelming amount of complex technology has been introduced to the retail sector, in a desperate attempt to revolutionise how the sector modernises and adapts to improve its omnichannel experiences.

From supply chain disruption, retail sales decline, a shrinking market, the past twelve months have been a significantly challenging time for retail and their operations.

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All-In-One, Fully Integrated Kiosk Solution From Honeywell

The PC43K all-in-one kiosk solution includes a tablet, printer, scanner, and software from a single vendor, making it extremely easy to use and develop custom applications to fit any business model.

Retail stores can offer self-service/limited service stations to process product returns to save labour costs, increase productivity, and improve customer experience.

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Distribution Centre Voice Application Video

Today’s distribution centres (DCs) require optimised and flexible solutions that maximise technology investments and empower mobile workers.

Voice delivers hands-free and eyes-free efficiencies via intuitive and ergonomic technologies to increase DC productivity and accuracy.

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