For the modern supply chain, machine vision represents the opportunity to streamline processes, reduce costs and create a more optimised operation.

An evolution in barcode scanning, its sophisticated camera systems are positioned to capture multiple forms of data at once and automatically process that information to support QA, inventory management and other internal processes.

These innovative systems leverage the latest developments in business intelligence. Enabling your organisation to increase the speed of your automated industrial processes (such as packages moving through a warehouse or products on a manufacturing assembly line), identifying faulty items or damaged products and helping reduce the overheads of running a complex operation.

Machine Vision and Robotics Solutions from Renovotec

Deploying this end-to-end technology solution across your operations will enhance productivity and transform how you capture and gain insights from your business data. It forms just one part of a wider robotics technology solution from Renovotec. Including innovations such as AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots). Other key benefits include:

  • Multiple data processing – Traditional barcode scanners can only capture one piece of data at time. But machine vision cameras can capture and process multiple forms of information simultaneously.
  • Prepare for demand – Improve supply chain management, delivery times, customer satisfaction and more with the business intelligence gain through this  solution.
  • Enhanced quality control – Utilise 3D vision to capture accurate and detailed information when scanning packages, products, pallets and more. Ideal for quality control process automation.
  • Compliance support – Remain fully compliant with health & safety regulations and other regulations with the data insights provided by this innovative camera system and workflow.
  • Improved forecasting – Process your captured data and use business intelligence to forecast upcoming requirements, low product numbers and more.
  • Fast data processing – But it isn’t just a set of cameras. It’s a dynamic data processing solution that enables you to capture, process and optimise your operations based on those insights.


Our ecosystem of technology partners includes many of the most trusted names in this industry, including Zebra Technologies.

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