The movement of stock and materials is vital to any supply chain. But moving stock manually continues to be costly and an inefficient use of time and skills.

Advancements in the field of robotics are helping address this issue, enhancing industrial environments with automated technology solutions. These innovations enhance health and safety procedures and free staff from conducting repetitive and unrewarding tasks within the warehouse, manufacturing plant and other industrial locations.

For decades, automated guided vehicles (AGV) have been operating in the supply chain where a repetitive delivery task has been a requirement. While these models have been effective for a period, more sophisticated iterations are now performing the same tasks faster and with a greater accuracy.

AMRs (automated mobile robots) are easier to set up than AGVs and leverage the latest internal logistics systems for a far smarter operation. They’re also far more affordable than traditional AGVs, so it’s no wonder AMRs are becoming the de facto choice for robotics in the supply chain. AMRs form part of a wider robotics technology solution, which also incorporates the latest innovations in machine vision.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Robotics Solutions from Renovotec

A big advancement over an established AGV is the need for pre-determined guidance. AGVs can only operate by following a guided route, usually marked by wires or magnets. This leaves them open to potential delays if their route is blocked due to the hectic nature of a warehouse or manufacturing plant. On the other hand, AMRs leverage in-built sensors to detect objects. Using a pre-programmed map of your premises to dynamically navigate its way to a desired location.

With an end-to-end robotics technology solution from Renovotec and its ecosystem of partners, we can optimise and deploy AMRs into your business operations in a matter of hours. From material handling and data collection to stock movement, these robots will seamlessly integrate into your existing warehouse management systems (WMS).

Renovotec’s turnkey solutions enable you to safely locate, track and move your enterprise-grade assets. Freeing your human workforce to focus on more skilled tasks. Other key benefits include:

  • Deploy automation at will into your supply chain.
  • Rapidly leverage the power of automation in any facility.
  • Utilise robotics without installing additional IT systems.
  • Launch automation within your premises at any scale.
  • The flexibility to update your AMRs on the fly.
  • Leverage unified data you can use anywhere.


Our ecosystem of technology partners includes many of the most trusted names in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), including Zebra Technologies.

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