Three Ways The SOTI ONE Platform Simplifies Digital Transformation

As organisations expand their technology platforms and environments become more complex, investments can be compromised by the challenges of integration and management of various platforms.

This article will identify the ways in which organisations can minimise this disruption to maximise their return on investment (ROI).

1. Fast and accurate deployment of applications with SOTI MobiControl

Building applications with SOTI Snap is fun and provides organisations the chance to get creative, by redesigning or simply improving current operations. Creating applications via simple drag and drop widgets, opens the application development outside of its traditional developer world, into the hands of operations and other departments.

“With an existing framework of design patterns provided by SOTI, this enables organisations to create applications ‘as they go’ with little to no code at all.” Faki Saadi, SOTI Director of Sales, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Often organisations looking for business applications focus on application developments in isolation, focusing on their bespoke business needs. All too often the integration into the organisation comes later down the road. User groups they intended to push the application out to will impact the deployment and ease of access. Longer term, organisations can forget how to easily send out updates and time these outside of peak hours to ensure minimal downtime.

“The beauty of SOTI MobiControl as the core MDM for your device fleet means it is just as easy to push out other SOTI ONE updates via SOTI MobiControl. For example, if you create your bespoke applications in SOTI Snap, you will be using SOTI MobiControl to push out that application to those specified users in their specified groups. So simple and straightforward to manage and measure.” Richard Gilliard, Renovotec Managing Director.

2. The opportunity to stress test via robust sandboxing

Sandboxing your applications not only tests the security and application code against your infrastructure, but also enables you to embed the applications into your organisation to ensure they are the right ‘fit’. This fit can refer to cultural use, application style and any usage issues that may need tweaking.

“One of the biggest challenges an organisation faces, is the change in process or protocol and the complexity of creating forms. Having an application with the user involved and the specific device it will be used on in mind, enables a much swifter deployment. Combined with simple to use, drag and drop widgets, SOTI Snap ultimately ensures the maximum ROI straight from the get-go.” Faki Saadi, SOTI Director of Sales, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Application detection and malicious code threats needs to be ironed out to ensure the uptime and maximum usage of inhouse applications.

“Applications created within an organisation such as with SOTI Snap are less likely to encounter security threats, due to the bespoke managed service implementation embedding them to the network. Equally hackers will not be familiar with the bespoke app landscape across networks and this helps maximise the security strength of the application deployment and management.” Richard Gilliard, Renovotec Managing Director.

3. Understand your device fleet application usage

Data usage across your devices can fluctuate and this can impact your battery performance and consequent employee downtime if devices are uncharged, or the battery life is degrading. Fluctuating data usage can also impact bills from your network carrier. Understanding how and why helps organisations make cost and time effective informed decisions with all the necessary data in real time, at hand.

SOTI XSight enables organisations to understand why data usage is high across specific devices, the manufacturer, the model, and the operating system. Displaying the data in the SOTI ONE visual format via charts like in SOTI MobiControl, demonstrates an impactful visual view for swift data interpretation.

“SOTI XSight and SOTI Snap are two more of the SOTI ONE Platform products that really set the SOTI solution apart from other basic MDM providers in the market. Our innovation is second to none and our customers and partners are a testament to this.” Faki Saadi, SOTI Director of Sales, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

For more information on SOTI XSight, and to book a demonstration, please contact us

For a demonstration of SOTI Snap and a discussion of what applications will help with your business, please contact us.

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