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Manufacturing Scanning Solutions

Data that can’t be captured during critical manufacturing workflows like track and trace or WIP can heavily impact productivity and create manual workarounds that lead to inaccuracies. Renovotec’s manufacturing solutions enable you to better see and manage the entire lifecycle of your production facilities, and make smarter manufacturing a reality. Zebra’s Ultra-Rugged Scanners can capture all 1D/2D barcodes along the assembly line and on the plant floor faster, including those introduced from outside your facility.

Don’t let difficult barcodes slow you down. Zebra has the solution to:

  • High-density barcodes, barely visible to the naked eye
  • Laser-etched DPM codes on a shiny surface
  • Dot peen DPM codes on a rough cast surface
  • Low contrast DPM codes on a black surface

Which Scanner Is Best For You?

Zebra’s Ultra-Rugged Scanners Improve Productivity

  • Save time managing devices throughout the manufacturing facility with remote updates and battery health visibility.
  • Prevent downtime with devices that don’t break when dropped on concrete or when exposed to extreme temperatures. Is water or dust an issue? No problem— IP65 and IP67 rated devices are up for the challenge.
  • Minimise battery related shift interruptions using on-device battery gauges and long lasting batteries.
  • Data Capture DNA — software, applications and utilities included in Zebra scanners that deliver a new level of innovation and manageability ( Data Capture DNA supported functionality may vary by scanner model)

Zebra scanners can withstand any conditions

From labour intensive assembly tasks to fully automated environments, Renovotec’s manufacturing workflow solutions, will help reduce errors and significantly increase productivity in manufacturing operations by simplifying the tracking of materials and labour through production cycles and along supply chains.

The Zebra Ultra-Rugged Scanner portfolio includes a robust line up of eighteen models purposely built to fit your manufacturing needs. Explore below Zebra’s “Which Scanner is Best for You?” product selector and find out which model suits your business requirements best.

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Upgrade today to Renovotec’s manufacturing solutions and keep up with manufacturing demands such as WIP and Track & Trace whilst boosting efficiency and quality control.

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