Addressing the concerns of the modern warehouse with rugged mobility & print 


Zebra rugged mobility and printWarehouses and distribution centres (DCs) are under increasing pressure to meet ever-growing demands from the supply chain, so the need for solutions that make them more agile and cost-effective are at the top of their tech wish list. 

The latest Vision Study from Renovotec technology partner Zebra Technologies reveals that while the global warehousing sector has experienced a slowdown in the size and number of fulfilment facilities, decision-makers in this space expect an increase of 19% in facility sizes and an increase of 39% in facility numbers by 2028.


73% – Global decision makers expecting to accelerate modernisation timelines. 

69%  – Global decision makers planning to increase funding to support this acceleration.  

69%  – Global decision makers planning to automate workflows by 2024.


A significant driver for that expected growth is the desire to modernise warehousing and Distribution Centre (DC) spaces, and create operational structures and workflows that can withstand increased demand and a need to scale accordingly. 

Renovotec, the leading name in end-to-end technology solutions for the supply chain, is partnering with rugged technology specialist Zebra Technologies to address these concerns and help warehouse operators create modernised fulfilment operations that are enhanced, empowered and engaged through the best innovations in rugged mobility, print and service. 

Download the latest Zebra Technologies Vision Study, ‘Making Modern Warehousing a Reality’ today. Click here to get your copy.

Make your warehouse modernisation plans a reality with rugged mobility & print innovation from Renovotec and Zebra Technologies


Rugged Mobility Excellence, Powered by Android 

An end-to-end technology solution from Renovotec leverages the very latest innovations in rugged mobile hardware, enhanced by the security and functionality of Android. Warehouse operators can increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction by utilising fast, reliable and highly durable smart devices. Reliable, rugged and with built-in intelligence for every corner of the warehouse or DC.

Handheld Computers

Increase efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction by utilising fast, reliable and highly durable smart devices. 

Vehicle Mounts

Drive up efficiency and capabilities of vehicles operating within the four walls with enhanced mounted solutions. 


Maximise the productivity of warehouse workers with a comprehensive roster of wearable technologies.

Read the latest blog post on the Knowledge Base to learn more about the functionality, integration and security benefits of leveraging Android-powered rugged devices in the modern warehouse. 

Go Linerless, The Sustainable Print Solution for Warehousing


More than ever, organisations within the supply chain are looking to make greener choices with the products and supplies they purchase. Linerless printers produce high-quality labels without the use of backing liners, offering a more sustainable solution that drastically reduces wastage that cannot easily be recycled.


  • Waste reduction – Since linerless labels have no liner or backing, this will reduce the amount of waste and the cost of disposal. 
  • Increased labels – Thanks to their unique design, linerless labels have up to 50% more labels per roll, making them more cost effective. 
  • Multiple applications – Linerless labels are just as effective as their lined counterparts and can be deployed right across the warehouse. 

Read our blog post on the benefits of linerless printing and why this greener approach will help support your sustainability and CSR targets.

Cost-Effective Printing for Warehousing with Managed Print Services 


A Managed Print Services (MPS) solution from Renovotec utilises the best in enterprise-grade print technology from Zebra Technologies, enabling you to deploy this hardware alongside a rolling supply of media stock and ongoing maintenance support – all at an affordable finance plan that can be scaled to meet the growing demands of your fulfilment operation.


  • Audit your print estate – Renovotec will evaluate your current print infrastructure. 
  • Technology recommendation – We will suggest the right print innovations to suit your operation. 
  • Finance and support – We’ll create a finance plan to suit your budget and provide ongoing support and reporting. 

Want to learn more about the benefits of a Managed Print Service? Read our blog post to discover more about the changing face of managed print services.

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