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End of Life Transition Thermal Printers

When thermal printers reach the end of their working life a number of obstacles stand in the way of simply throwing them away and plugging in shiny new replacements. This document will provide an insight into some of the generic pitfalls and obstacles that may arise to prevent a smooth and seamless transition, and use a specific use case as an example. Find out more

Importance of Track and Trace

Customer service is the new battleground for manufacturers and retailers wanting seamless fulfilment. The added complexity of omnichannels requires greater visibility and agility in track and trace. Find out more

It’s all about the labels but…

It’s not just all about the labels. A confusing statement maybe, but like a lot of things in world of operations and IT, quite accurate, but why? Find out more

Plug and Play Printers?

I was reading a mailer the other day promoting the instantaneous of upgrading to a particular brand of industrial printer, implying you could just take it out of the box and effectively ‘plug and play’ it, which got me thinking. Find out more

Total Visibility of Your Assets

In a recent survey* of food and drink manufacturers, supply chain visibility did not rank as one of the highest needs. But, in my opinion, having real-time visibility of your people, processes and products would help you better manage the ‘needs’ that did rank higher, like reducing lead times. Find out more

Want to move away from Line Matrix Technology?

If so, THINK again. So you want to…

  • Get away from pre-printed multi-part forms?

  • Need to interface with a new ERP or application system?

Find out more

Smart delivery or dystopia?

I was reading a report the other week on a speech made by historian Yuval Noah Harari about how, in a world dominated by data, the omnipresent force of algorithms is having an effect on disempowering individuality. His view was that if Amazon or Google kept turning up suggestions better than your own, then if you wanted to stay ahead of their algorithms you needed to know yourself better than they did, which could be a challenge for many. Find out more

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