Maximise Your Wireless Network Potential with Wi-Fi 6E Site Surveys

How can you maximise your wireless network potential with Wi-Fi site surveys?

Wi-Fi 6 has been the Wi-Fi standard for quite some time now. However, the shift towards W-Fi 6E has finally begun with anticipated technologies and devices planning to adopt this extension. (Which also includes preparing for Wi-Fi 7. That looms on the horizon in the years to come).

New devices, such as the recently announced iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max from Apple, will have the capacity to operate within the 6-GHz band. Moreover, other devices in the smartphone market and beyond are likely to follow. This development aligns with previous forecasts and underscores Apple’s role as a trendsetter in encouraging companies to invest in infrastructure upgrades.

How Wi-Fi 6E will benefit your business operations

So, what does this mean for businesses like yours that are currently operating on Wi-Fi 6 networks? And why should you be considering refreshing your wireless structure as a result? The advent of Wi-Fi 6E isn’t just a minor generation transition. It represents a significant improvement to the wireless standard. Key benefits you can expect include:

Blazing speeds

Leverage a smoother and faster internet connection. Which enables you to send and receive data at greater speeds (more than 1Gbps). In addition to providing a more consistent and stable experience for users.

Wider channels

Wi-Fi 6E offers increased capacity thanks to the addition of 14 80 MHz channels and a further 7 160 MHz channels. Thus, meaning that there’s less congestion so you can enjoy enterprise-grade connectivity.

Enhanced security

As with every generational shift in Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6E also brings a raft of new and updated security protocols. Such as making Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA3) a standard for all supported devices.

Future proofing your network with a Wi-Fi 6E survey

These benefits will have a significant affect on your wireless network. But only if the devices you’re using are designed to support this new standard. Considering how complex your network might be, and how it connects your entire operations, evaluating your status in relation to Wi-Fi 6E presents a considerable amount of work.

That’s where we can help. Renovotec is one of the leading names in end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions, and we have years of experience helping organisations like yours plan, deploy and optimise their wireless networks. One of the most effective strategies for identifying the status of your network is a wireless site survey.

We offer comprehensive Wi-Fi 6E surveys tailored to your unique needs. Our team of certified professionals will evaluate your existing network infrastructure and provide actionable recommendations to upgrade your network for Wi-Fi 6E. Choosing us to undertake your Wi-Fi 6E survey will empower your wireless capabilities in myriad ways, including:

Precision assessment

We use the latest technology to map out your Wi-Fi coverage. Thus, ensuring optimal placement of access points (APs) throughout your premises.

Performance metrics

Our Wi-Fi 6E site surveys will enable us to provide you with detailed insights into your network’s performance. So you can visualise how well your networking is performing. As well as how it can be optimised for Wi-Fi 6E.

Expert recommendations

We always take the OCR Approach to all our projects. Observing your wireless setup, consulting with key stakeholders to understand your unique needs and then delivering recommendations on hardware and configuration changes needed for a Wi-Fi 6E upgrade.

Seize the moment

Whether you are planning to leverage devices such as the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max or simply enhance your networking hardware to make it Wi-Fi 6E ready, you can remain agile and ready with a Wi-Fi 6E site survey.

Contact us today to book your Renovotec Wi-Fi 6E survey

Make sure your wireless network, and any hardware that connects to it, is optimised for Wi-Fi 6E. Don’t let outdated Wi-Fi slow you down and affect your bottom line.

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Don’t miss out on the wireless revolution. Elevate your connectivity game with Wi-Fi 6E today!

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