Site Surveys
Installing a wireless network is an expensive investment and a site survey is integral to a successful deployment. Whether you are building a new network from the ground up, or you are seeking to enhance the performance of your existing infrastructure, a wireless site survey will ensure optimum performance for your business and your users.

One of our trained engineers will map the areas of desired coverage and carry out physical wireless propagation tests to determine the best locations, configuration and number of access points required to ensure 100% connectivity. In addition, they will also review the layout of the building to identify any potential sources of radio interference or security risks.

The report submitted by our engineer is used to design a solution that is guaranteed to provide the necessary coverage, data rates and security as well as recommendations for hardware procurement, hardware placement and on-going maintenance.

If you are restricted by timescales, we also offer Predictive/Estimated Site Surveys, which are based purely on using floor plans and detailed drawings of your site. Our engineers will create a digital model of the Wi-Fi environment with recommendations on the position & number of access points required.


Design & Planning
The design & planning stages of any wired or wireless network project is the key to its ultimate success. The security of modern enterprise networks has become a primary concern for many businesses. Creating a robust and secure network is essential for performance and resilience.

Once armed with the details from the Site Survey such as the physical, geographical and environmental elements that can often hinder Wi-Fi coverage, our network design consultants can plan and design a wireless infrastructure that is right for you and meets your business requirements.

Key considerations to take into account are:

• How many users & devices will you have on the network?
• Network access and security
• Roaming and user mobility
• Do you need to future proofing the scalability of the network?
• Where are the high density user locations within the building?
• Will Guest Network Access be a consideration?
• What type of, and how many, applications will be running on the network?
• Do you have a BYOD policy?

From small, simple solutions to complex controller based deployments, Renovotec can help with upgrades and maintenance to old systems, network integration projects and new network designs. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading WLAN vendors enables us to plan and design your wired and wireless network using all the latest RF devices and solutions – resulting in a system that is right for you and your business.

Installation & Commissioning
We will configure and install all the wireless equipment specified in the site survey as well as installing any required network cabling and infrastructure quickly & efficiently, with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Our partnerships with Aruba HPE, Ruckus Wireless, Cisco and Extreme Networks and other leading suppliers, ensure that state of the art hardware is installed for the most robust wireless experience.

Our dedicated team possess a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise, having installed wired and wireless networks within numerous vertical markets and all types of enterprise and business environments. Implementing robust wireless network in the most challenging conditions is what we do best. Our work in the warehousing and port sectors surpasses no other.

During commissioning your wireless solution will be tested to ensure it meets the coverage requirements detailed in the site survey. We will also configure and test any RF devices you have supplied and a configuration document will be created detailing the installation.

Our skilled engineers are always on hand to help you to find the right structured solution for both the immediate performance of your network and for any future changes or unforeseen faults.

Maintenance, Support & System Health Checks
We offer a number of different maintenance and warranty services for your wireless network, including remote or onsite support and regular visits to check your network infrastructure and RF device health. Our flexible services enable you to hand over control of your network a little or as much as you like, freeing up your internal resources onto more pressing or important tasks.

We are mindful that the installation of your wireless network is by no means the end. A post installation survey can help to identify whether or not the expected level of coverage has been achieved, that all hardware has been mounted is operating correctly and has been configured for optimum performance.

Our maintenance, warranty and consultancy services also provide our customers with the convenience of a one port of call support partner who can effectively troubleshoot and deal with any unexpected network issues, ensuring consistent network performance, minimising downtime and increasing workforce productivity.

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