Brodit specialises in digital device mounting solutions for use in trucks, vans and commercial vehicles.  

These hardware innovations are designed to securely attach to a vehicle’s dashboard with a perfect ‘no wobble’ fit. With their mobile devices securely mounted, your drivers and vehicle operators can access route information and other important data without the worry that it will come lose.

Brodit also offers wireless charging phone holders to ensure your devices stay charged, with no need for additional cables or charging points.  These phone holders are designed to deliver a perfect fit and support a wide variety of business-ready mobile computers and smartphones including Samsung, Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Panasonic and more.

Phone Holder Solutions from Brodit and Renovotec include: 

  • Car phone holders. 
  • Phone mounts. 
  • Wireless charging. 
  • Headrest mounts. 
  • Accessories. 

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with phone holders from Brodit.