Falcona’s innovative solutions are designed to transform your business operations, employing advanced technology that will revolutionise your infrastructure and open new possibilities. As well as improving efficiency, increasing productivity and even cutting down on your overheads.

Falcona offers a range of best-of-breed technological solutions to meet a variety of business requirements. From managing, sanitising and securing digital devices, to supplying office workstations and software solutions for data capture and synchronisation. However, it also offers custom solutions for your unique business needs.

Additionally, its cutting-edge technology prioritises quality and longevity, providing dependable and flexible solutions that are easy to adjust and maintain throughout their lifecycle.


Dynamic technology solutions from Falcona and Renovotec:


podloc logo

Podloc: Device security solutions from Falcona

Podloc supplies comprehensive all-in-one solutions for your company’s mobile devices, that will ensure they are secure, tracked, charged and ready to go. This reduces your company’s costs for replacing devices, saves on time that’s lost on repairs and optimises productivity with localised charging. This innovative technology’s features also include:

  • Small spatial footprint.
  • Simple and fast set-up.
  • Modular build.
  • Easy to upgrade for new devices.


Vlocr: Virtual device security solutions from Falcona

This unique software from Podloc specialises in securing and tracing rugged devices virtually, functioning standalone or with hardware integrations. You can utilise this for a variety of digital rugged devices, from mobiles and wearables to handhelds and trigger grips. Its dynamic capabilities include:

  • Authenticating users.
  • Tracing and auditing devices.
  • Acting as an alarm deterrent.
  • BLE Locationing.
  • Usage profiling.
  • Compatibility with 99% of rugged mobile devices.


Tabloc: Device security solutions from Falcona

Safeguard your tablets from damage, loss, and theft with Falcona’s Tabloc Tablet Management Solution. This all-encompassing solution, housed in a sleek unit, enables charging of devices while stored, ensuring they are ready for staff use. Employees can conveniently deposit tablets into the unit after use, and Tabloc takes care of the rest, guaranteeing the devices are charged and secured for the next use.

Tabloc’s compact and modular design facilitates easy placement in any workspace location, ensuring convenient access for staff. Whether a few units are needed or a comprehensive network, Tabloc offers seamless scalability for managing tablets. With the evolution of technology, Tabloc adapts, featuring a design that supports effortless upgrades and circumvents the necessity for expensive replacements.

Tabloc is also compatible with Falcona Vlocr software, which provides easy tracking and management of all your devices with 24/7 visibility.

mobile workstations logo

Mobile Workstations: Workstation solutions from Falcona

These powered mobile workstations can be configured for a variety of work processes from inventory checks, quality control, product labelling, packaging and more. By centralising these processes, you can save your employees time and increase productivity. They come in a variety of models, from lightweight compact models to robust rugged designs, with various benefits:

  • Straightforward to set-up and configure.
  • Independent power.
  • Compatible with a wide range of IT equipment.
  • Considerable storage capacity.
  • Light strips for visibility.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with technology solutions from Falcona.