For more than 40 years, TSC Printronix Auto ID has been addressing global customer needs for mission-critical industrial printing. Its range of print innovations supports businesses operating in a diverse array of industry verticals.

For instance, manufacturing, warehousing, transport & logistics, healthcare, hospitality and the retail supply chain.

Its offerings cover a diverse portfolio of print hardware, including one of the industry’s largest selections of barcode label printers. With over five million having been sold globally, it is a leading designer of asset tracking and identification solutions.

Print, asset tracking and identification, solutions from Printronix and Renovotec include:


Specialist Print Innovations

Customers choose this Renovotec technology partner for reliable, high-performance products, incredible value and local support.

Offering the most trusted brand name in back office and supply chain printing, Printronix’s print innovations are here to solve many of the key challenges facing the modern supply chain organisation including high-volume industrial printing, label and inventory management, reporting and more. Their specialist print innovations include:

  • Line matrix printers.
  • Serial dot matrix printers.
  • Industrial laser printers.


RFID Omnichannel Solutions

To combat the challenges retailers are currently facing, the retail sector is adopting RFID to count inventory and track products moving from the warehouse to the store. Item-level RFID tagging contributes directly to the bottom line by reducing costs and increasing sales.

Top benefits of adopting RFID are:

  • Automatic and accurate inventory updates
  • Better visibility into the supply chain
  • Improved loss prevention
  • Frictionless in-store checkout
  • Reduce human error and effort

TSC Printronix Auto ID works closely with multiple standards  organisations, such as GS1, ISO/IEC, AIM, and the RAIN Alliance, to ensure that their RFID printers correctly and adequately support various encoding standards. These standards are evolving rapidly, so it is essential to select a printer partner that is committed to supporting RFID standards as they evolve.

All models in their RFID printer portfolio support easy and quick switching between different label constructions. They offer various printer features and characteristics for your suppliers with varying requirements.

Regarding exception tagging, we recommend:

  • The lower-to-high volume (and more) portable Alpha-40L
  • Desktop T800 series
  • Industrial T4000 series
  • T6000e RFID printers

Labels are also an important component of RFID. Renovotec & TSC have the industry expertise and production capabilities to provide the RFID labels you and your customers need.

Explore further in the Solutions RFID Guide below.

Download RFID Guide for Retailers’ Omnichannel Fulfillment Success. 

Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss how Renovotec can enhance your operations with printing innovations from TSC Printronix.

TSC Printronix Auto ID Solutions & Knowledge

New print engine promises smaller, faster, greener, more easily integrated solution for automatic labelling

To meet the growing demand for accurate, high-speed and easy to use industrial labelling systems, TSC Printronix Auto ID has just launched a popular-sized 4-inch version of its PEX-2000 Series print engine.

This powerful device promises to save time, money and resources.

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TSC Printronix Auto ID strengthens its channel support and customer service by establishing UK repair resources

UK end-users and channel partners no longer face time delays or transportation costs returning failed TSC or Printronix branded printers to Germany for repair as TSC Printronix Auto ID has just opened a UK repair centre to better support this region.

“By opening a satellite repair centre in the UK, we can deliver faster resolution […]

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TSC Printronix Auto ID’s new Alpha-30R mobile printer now available across EMEA

The Alpha-30R next gen mobile barcode printer from TSC Printronix Auto ID is now on sale throughout the EMEA region.

It packs a large battery capacity for such a compact, lightweight device, enabling full shifts to be completed without interruption in busy retail stores, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and logistics operations.

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Explore TSC Printronix Auto ID’s Latest Innovative Tracking and Identification Solutions

High Performance, Cost-Effective Thermal Label Printer Options TSC Printronix Auto ID performance barcode label printers are known for high-quality and affordability.

They offer a wide range of printers for diverse applications from rugged mobile, budget-friendly desktop, to enterprise level industrial printers.

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TSC Printronix Auto ID strengthens its RFID printer range with launch of its first mobile

On sale from today is TSC Printronix Auto ID’s first mobile RFID printer, the Alpha-40L RFID.

This compact, mobile powerhouse is further evidence of TSC Printronix Auto ID’s expertise in RFID and marks a resilient step forward in production and logistics processes.

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TSC Printronix Auto ID announces biggest ever overhaul of its best-selling industrial printers and print engines

New models and advances in security, wireless connectivity, remote management and printhead management mark just some of the sweeping changes TSC Printronix Auto ID has made across its popular barcode printers and print engines.

More powerful and adaptable wireless connectivity options in the newly improved printers, including wireless 802.

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