The Renovotec Approach

The Renovotec Approach: Identifying your Key Challenges and Providing Effective Business Insights

At Renovotec, we believe in the importance of really understanding a customer. It’s finding out what makes an organisation tick, what it does well, and what challenges a technology refresh could address. That’s why we’ve developed ‘The Renovotec Approach’, a simple yet impactful three-stage process that enables us to discover the issues affecting an organisation and design effective and cost-effective ways to resolve those issues.

In this blog, we’ll take you through the core of the Renovotec Approach – Observe, Consider & Recommend – and discuss how these simple yet impactful steps will help your organisation drive up efficiency gains across the business.

Observe the customer and their operations

For us, every solution begins with a period of observation.

Every organisation is different. From the systems they use and how they’re deployed to the challenges that come from working in their specific industry sector, all these factors and more make a business unique.

That’s why we believe observation is key to really understanding the problems an organisation faces in its day-to-day operations. It starts with frank and open conversations where we listen to the real issues the customer is facing, and begin asking the important questions:

  • What obstacles are impacting their operational goals?
  • How are these currently addressed daily?
  • Do they possess any gaps in their technology?
  • Is the technology currently deployed secured, up-to-date and fit for purpose?


Providing valuable and effective business insights

A customer may be experiencing issues with outdated printers that can no longer produce volumes to the quality standards they need. They may be dealing with connectivity black spots due to a wireless network configuration that’s no longer fit for purpose. Whatever the challenge is, the more we know, the better chance we have of tailoring a solution that directly solves these problems with a minimum of disruption.

To provide valuable business insight, it’s just as important to consider what a customer is doing right. What is it that makes that organisation a success in their field? What are their competitors doing and how successful/unsuccessful have those efforts been? Being able to understand a customer – and their market – in their entirety enables us to consider and recommend technology solutions that resolve key issues while complementing what they already do so well.

Effective observation methods include conversations with key stakeholders within the business with knowledge of affected areas. Furthermore, Renovotec will also visit the customer’s premises to observe processes, people and technologies. This enables our team to build an authentic picture of what an organisation faces on a day-to-day basis.

Consider the challenges they need to overcome

Next in the Renovotec Approach, we move into the consideration phase. Armed with the vitally important data gathered during our observation of the customer, we can now review the customer’s systems and processes in more depth.

During this stage, we will examine the customer’s entire setup, including existing workflows to see how systems, software and hardware intersect. We always consider how a technology refresh may impact these workflows and processes and how we can recommend a solution that mitigates the impact on their day-to-day operations.

Next, we’ll look at where can we help the customer achieve some quick wins within their operations. And how can these rapid improvements benefit them in terms of efficiency gains, cost savings and their overall ROI?

It’s also important to consider any potential integrations required with a host system. When integration is a necessary requirement, we make time to understand the complexity of the integration method, the specific needs of the host system and the frequency required.

As a solutions integrator, it’s our responsibility to not see the customer in a single dimension but view their operations as a complex whole. There may be areas of improvement the customer hasn’t considered such as making warehouse workers more efficient with the introduction of voice-directed technology or how machine vision camera systems could fully automate quality inspections within a manufacturing plant.

Recommend the most effective solution

Lastly, having observed the customer’s operations in full and considered the right technologies needed to help them achieve their goals, we’re ready to make our recommendations.

Through our analysis of the customer’s operations, we will have gained a holistic view of the business. With this knowledge, we’re able to work with our ecosystem of hardware and software partners to create a complete solution that leverages the latest innovations in mobility technology and our in-depth business insights.

Our experts can then recommend a solution to the customer that’s tailor-made to their unique requirements, addressing those key pain points discovered in previous phases. This provides the customer with a pathway to success that maximises efficiency gains while remaining cognisant of budget restrictions and future growth plans.

With the customer able to see the value of working with an end-to-end solution provider, and the weight it takes off rolling out such a technology refresh itself; we can then begin building a plan of how to execute the solution, from initial workflows to establishing support services such as project management, IT consulting and managed IT services.


Want to learn more about our range of end-to-end AIDC technology solutions? Contact our experts today to discuss how the Renovotec Approach can unlock efficiency gains across your business.

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