Want to move away from Line Matrix Technology?

If so, THINK again.

So you want to…

  • Want to get away from pre-printed multi-part forms?

  • Need to interface with a new ERP or application system?


or on the other hand if you want…

  • Lower operating Costs

  • Reduced downtime

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased Reliability

  • Easier to Operate and Support

THINK again…

The Printronix Cartridge Series of Line Matrix Printers provides a flexible design, adaptable functionality and manageable savings including the lowest cost for consumables and total cost of ownership.

Up to 20% improvement in consumable cost per page in comparison to the previous generation line matrix spool ribbon, cartridge ribbons are a major improvement. The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and a more uniform print quality. It is easier to use, cleaner and requires no special user technical skills, reducing labour costs. And compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste.

Five Reasons Your Company Needs Line Matrix Printers

In a world of expensive to maintain laser printers it is smart to consider the latest advancement in line matrix cartridge printing before choosing a print technology. Printronix has consistently pioneered new innovations’ to ensure this technology remains highly competitive and relevant for today’s printing applications. Here are five reasons to consider the latest generation of Line Matrix Cartridge printers.

1. Lowest Cost of Ownership

• The average lifespan of a line matrix printer is 7 to 10 years as compared to only 3 years for laser printers and 5 years for serial matrix printers.

• Cartridge Ribbons are up to six times less expensive than laser toner cartridges and half the cost of serial matrix printer’s ribbons.

• As print volume increases, consumable savings grow dramatically.

2. Productivity

• Line Matrix printers’ deliver unmatched, up-time and reliability.

• Document integrity is more easily maintained with continuous forms media as opposed to cut sheets.

• PrintNet Enterprise, our remote printer management utility, delivers visibility and remote control for all network connected devices.

3. Reliable Performance in any Environment

• Line Matrix printers perform reliably in non-climate controlled environments where temperature, humidity and airborne contaminants cause form feeding and print quality issues for other print technologies.

• Line Matrix printer’s performance is not influenced by media size and number of characters to be printed, contrary to serial matrix printers.

• Line Matrix printers use stored energy technology and a heavy-duty shuttle mechanism with a row of print hammers which is intrinsically more reliable than the needle technology on a moving printhead of serial matrix printers.

4. Application adaptability

• Where GUI design and dynamic data driven overlays, messages, barcodes, logos, etc. are required, thanks to our strategic software vendor alliances, there are solutions available that natively support the graphics print language of our printers.

• Line Matrix remains the best technology for printing multi-part forms, oversize media, labels, card stock, and other non-typical media types.

5. Environmentally Friendly

• When compared to laser printers, Line Matrix Printers consume as little as 1/3rd the energy when printing, and 1/7th the energy when in standby mode.

• Throughout their life span, Line Matrix Printers will generate far less landfill waste from consumables, packaging and printer hardware.

• Cartridge ribbons emit none of the fine particulate emissions generated by laser printers.

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