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Hardware rentals are a flexible, affordable solution for the modern supply chain

Empower your workers during peak seasons with hardware rentals, from mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers and more…

The pressure on warehouse and logistic providers to respond quickly and effectively to seasonal spikes, and other periods of increased business, has been steadily growing over recent years.

But it isn’t always as simple as temporarily increasing headcount. Technology must also keep pace, but there isn’t always the extra capital expenditure available to support this upscale in resource. Especially when these changes may only occur annually or bi-annually, which makes this expenditure difficult to justify.

This is where solutions for hardware rentals can have the biggest impact. These solutions enable businesses to leverage reliable and high-quality rugged devices, but with a flexible operational expenditure payment structure.

These contracts are adjustable depending on the devices and the period they are needed for. Which means the costs exactly meet the unique requirements of your business. Avoiding any superfluous waste of resources or expenditure.

Moreover, a rental solution can be tailored to not only the type/ number of devices and the contract period for them but also software integrations, the specific deployment environment, durability requirements and more.

In this blog we’ll go into more depth about the technologies often utilised as part of a hardware rental solution. As well as how they can be tailored to different requirements and some of the advantages of using this type of service for peak periods of business…


Complementary technologies

Hardware rentals cover a wide variety of technologies for different operational needs. Including mobile computers, tablets, barcode scanners, wearables, printers, rugged devices and more. There are even wireless networking options, for when you need to expand your coverage or set it up in a specific location, for a limited time.

However, one of the main issues that may deter businesses from hardware rental services is compatibility. For instance, if you have pre-existing software and hardware that need to be able to function together. Or even ensure the different technologies you are renting work will work together effectively.

This is where a tailored hardware rentals solution becomes so invaluable. The service includes advice from experts in the field on the best technologies to pair with each other and your existing infrastructure. Guaranteeing the seamless integration of your devices, with a straightforward and painless transition period.


Taking the stress out of management

A rental solution also enables you to outsource one of the most stressful elements of introducing additional devices or technologies: the management, deployment and optimisation of this hardware. From sourcing the correct stock to ensuring every device is correctly staged with existing software applications and systems, it’s a significant outlay of time and resource.

By leveraging a technology solutions partner, staff and management can focus on the business-critical tasks they need to complete. While new devices are source, staged and seamlessly integrated into a device pool. Some rental solutions even come ready to deploy straight out of the box. So, an organisation can benefit from the advantages of the additional devices without any of the additional workload.

Some rental services may also offer maintenance, repair and even exchange support services. This not only ensures that the devices continue their optimum performance throughout the rental service but helps reduce costly downtimes due to mechanical faults or breakdowns.


Flexibility and quality with hardware rentals

As previously mentioned, hardware rentals are designed with flexibility in mind. For instance, depending on the rental agreement, an organisation could increase or decrease the number of devices in circulation. Rather than investing capital expenditure in devices that may only be leveraged at key points in the year, businesses in the supply chain can make changes as their need becomes apparent. Thus, adapting to meet varying levels of consumer demand.

Solutions for hardware rentals often support a range of long-term and short-term contracts, ranging from as little as 30 days to years of agreed use. This way an organisation can support seasonal spikes or temporary location operations without committing to large capital expenditure.

Moreover, through rental services, you can access a variety of devices from a range of trusted manufacturers. For instance, Renovotec works with an ecosystem of technology partners that includes Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Datalogic and many more.

Enabling businesses to choose devices from different manufacturers to suit different operational needs, without any of the complications this would usually entail if they were buying them outright. It’s also possible to even trial different devices to find out what works best for certain operational spikes.


Hardware rentals for your business…

Hardware rentals offer a range of possibilities for businesses that they may never have considered before, providing key operational advantages in their market. So, it’s well worth having a consultation with a hardware rentals solution specialist such as Renovotec to find out exactly how your business can benefit from hardware rentals.

Contact Renovotec, the hardware rental experts today, and let’s ensure your business is ready for expected peak periods of business in 2024 and beyond.

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