What are Managed IT Services and How Can They Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

What are Managed IT Services and How Can They Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

How can managed IT services enhance your IT infrastructure?

In a recent blog post, we explored why choosing the right Managed IT Services goes beyond offering a simple helpdesk function. These services should be an extension of your IT infrastructure, enhancing its capabilities and resources by leveraging additional skills and expertise.

In this latest blog post from the experts at Renovotec, we discuss what exactly goes into a managed IT service, some of the unique benefits its brings and why Renovotec’s own Guardian service could be the end-to-end managed IT service solution your IT team has been looking for.


What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services – or simply ‘managed services’ – is the means of outsourcing key processes or procedures to an external organisation. For IT teams, managed services are a lifeline, offering the ability to relieve pressure on internal resources by placing business information technology tasks in the hands of a skilled managed service provider (MSP).

The realm of an IT professional is often 24/7/365. That means you need third parties that can help alleviate the demand on internal resources and free up staff members to focus on other business-critical tasks. It’s also an ideal way to address any gaps in experience or expertise without the cost of recruiting new staff and training them to the required skill level.

Here are some key reasons why your organisation should consider investing in a managed IT service from the right MSP:


A tailored package designed to meet your customer’s needs

An optimal IT service shouldn’t be an ‘off the shelf’ affair. Like any service or solution worth its salt, it should be specially configured around your unique IT requirements. It could be that you need more of a management-only solution, or perhaps your organisation needs a more comprehensive solution that’s designed to support a growing roster of hardware devices. Every business is different, so the services they rely on should mould around them.

A managed IT service should be a complete solution, one that extends beyond the traditional helpdesk and remote mobile diagnostics. IT teams can rely on a single provider that takes care of every aspect of the process, utilising a ‘one-stop shop’ that takes away all the stress and pressure involved in these outsourced processes.


Utilises strict SLAs that are recorded and monitored

Service level agreements (SLAs) are a vital component for every department and team in your organisation. So, an MSP must be ready to meet these deadlines to ensure your own customers aren’t affected. When onboarding a managed IT service partner, it’s important to establish the key expectations of the support an MSP will deliver as part of your extended IT function.

Key areas to consider include defining the service description and exactly where the MSP will be supporting your IT team. It’s also important to determine the availability of that service, such as responding to queries submitted with a helpdesk or the receipt of a replacement device. Responsiveness windows build confidence and help clearly define how the MSP fits into the overall business technology mix.

Establishing the requirement for monitoring and reporting is also a key area for discussion. This enables you to confirm the types of reports that are generated and their frequency.


Complete management of third parties and manufacturers

As an IT department, you likely deal with a wide array of partners and third-party providers. Keeping track of them all can be a challenge at the best of times. Especially when you need to liaise with manufacturers and distributors to access new hardware stock. Or when dealing with an independent software vendor (ISV) to help troubleshoot a software issue.

However, the right managed IT services provider can take away the pressure of that laborious task. It will draw on its own experience building and maintaining relationships with these key technology partners. With a complete service solution, your IT team can focus on other key tasks safe in the knowledge that the right hardware and software can be sourced, configured and deployed within the agreed SLAs.


Don’t allow potential security threats to put your organisation at risk

Every business is at risk of attack from hackers and criminals lurking in the digital space. Your existing IT stack has likely been built to withstand cyberattacks. However, the risk of a data breach is always a concern when outsourcing access to your business-critical systems. Especially with these cyberthreats continuing to evolve. That’s why its important to work with an MSP that understands the exact security procedures of your business and the ever-changing danger posed by hackers. You want an MSP that has its own cast-iron policies to ensure all data is fully protected.

Additionally, the right MSP will actively notify you of new firmware and solution updates. It will also manage the updates to ensure your hardware and software are fully patched and up to date. The provider will provide ongoing security monitoring and reporting so you’re kept fully in loop regarding areas of improvement.


Leverage device management, security and updates from one source with Guardian from Renovotec

IT teams are now looking for MSPs that can help them achieve compliance with the UK’s Cyber Essentials legislation. You want a managed IT services partner that has the capabilities to help support of a large and diverse roster of devices while helping you remain fully compliant. From wearables to vehicle mounted mobile computers, every registered device will be covered should be any issues.

The Guardian Managed IT Service from Renovotec is designed to address these issues. It offers a series of levels that can be tailored to meet your exact IT support requirements. This service is built on three core pillars – security, management and monitoring. These pillars also deliver a unique Renovotec Approach that can be configured to cover the latest operating system and firmware updates to ensure your devices are fully up to date and secure.

Our Guardian Managed IT Services support organisations in warehousing, transport & logistics, manufacturing, the retail supply chain and more. Our services are also tailor-made to your exact requirements, offering access to a team of highly trained experts. Remove the strain on your IT resources with the help of an end-to-end managed IT services from Renovotec.


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