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Renovotec opens two new EU offices

Renovotec Expands Global Footprint with Two New Offices

Fast growing AIDC provider responds to customer demand Warrington, UK – 9am BST, 24th October: Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing provider of end-to-end automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technology solutions and services for organisations operating throughout the supply chain, today announced the strategically significant opening of two new offices, one serving the Nordic region […]

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Renovotec Launches Printer Audit Scheme

Supply chain solutions and services company Renovotec is launching a free three-month trial for its printer audit service, the company announced today.

The audit helps a supply chain company to understand its printer estate: how many printers it has, where they are located and what condition they are in.

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Three Considerations for Warehouse Expansion and How They Impact Productivity

Omnichannel is Driving Warehouse Expansion With an expansion of retail omnichannel experiences, some of the world’s largest retailers are spotting further opportunities for growth by acquisition.

The recent announcement of Next acquiring Joules to help save it from administration was largely driven by the Total Platform Infrastructure that Next has accumulated and invested in.

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Taking Stock Of What 2023 Holds In Store

This year, supply chain disruptions and shortages topped industry challenges and became the butt of many a meme on social media, even the Wall Street Journal ran a wry feature on it.

Supply chain issues are now as common in daily conversations as our weather and rarely far from news headlines.

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Renovotec Extends Industry Scheme To Cut Warehouse Costs & Increase Productivity

Supply chain technology company Renovotec is now extending its free ‘Warehouse Walkthrough’ consulting scheme indefinitely following positive industry feedback in year one, with scheme user reports of successful reductions in warehouse staffing levels as well as measurable increases in productivity, Renovotec says.

Year one learnings are now being fed into the scheme to increase its […]

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Creating ‘Orders’ Out Of Chaos

We’re entering peak shopping season now and only time will tell whether consumers do actually spend 50%* less this year or not.

What we can be sure of is that the majority of spend will be made online.

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Upscaling Warehouse Operations To Meet Seasonal Demand

Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware, software and services provider is launching a seasonal November 2022 to end February 2023 campaign to help users with 25% rental and purchase discounts on the leading data capture, wireless and industrial printer products identified by Renovotec industry research as having the greatest impact on warehouse operations.

Renovotec […]

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Horizon Scanning for RAIN

I’m not doing a follow up on searing temperatures of this summer, more of an industry call to see greater adoption of RAIN RFID.

There is an environmental benefit to it in that it can enable sustainability through waste reduction and increased recycling.

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Warehouse consultants

Renovotec ‘Warehouse Walkthrough’ Service Combats Industry Staff Shortages; Boosts Productivity

Supply chain technology consultant Renovotec is introducing a ‘warehouse walkthrough’ service that is designed to combat industry staff shortages and boost operational productivity.

The new service, which is free pinpoints critical areas for technology intervention to achieve major staff reductions in warehousing and logistics operations, according to Renovotec.

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Renovotec Plans Multiple Acquisitions To Drive Pan-European Growth

Leading supply chain hardware, software and services company Renovotec is planning a series of company acquisitions to drive its growth in Benelux, DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), the Baltics and Eastern Europe, Renovotec announced today.

Its corporate acquisition targets, a number of which are already under consideration include data capture, wireless and industrial printer specialists.

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Warehouse Automation; 60 Years In The Making

In 1962 in Germany, Demag built arguably the first automatic high-bay warehouse for a publisher to store millions of books.

This pioneering development in distribution technology set the hare running in warehouse automation and if you were at IMHX this month you’ll have seen just how far we’ve come in six decades.

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A woman using a mobile device for payment

Renovotec Forms Partnership With Social Mobile

Supply chain hardware, software and services company Renovotec has formed a partnership with enterprise mobility solutions specialist Social Mobile, the two companies announced today.

Renovotec says the move will support its rapid expansion in doorstep delivery and field service markets.

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