Rental solutions for wireless networking

Rental Solutions as an Enabler for Extended or Pop-Up Networks

Wherever they may fall in the calendar, seasonal peaks in business add extra pressure on retail operations and the wider supply chain. Especially if you’re thinking of a rental hardware solution or temporarily increasing your workforce.

For many organisations, a key pain point during these periods is the increased strain on an established wireless network, or the potential need to establish a new network outside of an existing one.

Whether you’re extending an existing warehouse or creating temporary retail outlets, you need to the ability to deploy secure and stable enterprise-grade networks. Networks that either seamlessly extend your existing wireless infrastructure or support an additional network that’s just as secure and integrated with your in-house systems.

In the latest article from the experts at Renovotec, we explore some of the key benefits to organisations in the warehouse or retail supply chain leveraging a temporary Wi-Fi solution


Relieve pressure on your IT teams

There is a tremendous amount of planning and resources that go into designing, deploying and maintaining a wireless network. This creates a considerable burden on your IT team in supporting your ongoing supply chain operations.

Needing to extend a network or establish a temporary setup requires sourcing additional access points, routers and network switches, as well as the need to deploy the new assets as part of the network. Then there’s the need to identify the ideal locations for each piece of hardware for optimal coverage.

Establishing a new network would require an IT team to design the network to fit a brand new location, ensuring it meets company security policies and fully integrates with established systems and tools. It’s a tall order, especially when such a project would need to be rolled out and removed in a potentially short window of opportunity.

Working with an end-to-end technology solutions provider would help address this issue, delegating the entire process of conceptualising, deploying and optimising a wireless network extension outside of the organisation. That way your IT team can continue to support your busy operations without the reduction in resource. Benefits include site surveys, planning and designing the network,  deployment, and much more.


Rapid deployment

When setting up a temporary network time is often of the essence. These set-ups are usually in service of a time-limited events such as a pop-up retail outlet, or extended operations so your organisation needs to be able to have a new or extended network fully operational.

This is why rapid deployment is so important. A stable and secure network lays the groundwork for all subsequent operations. Supporting everything from necessary devices and communications to potentially more specific requirements you may have, like public Wi-Fi for visitors.

Having a technology partner that is experienced in deploying temporary or extended networks with rented hardware, especially those that cause a minimum of disruption to your daily activities, is key when looking to have an enhanced network ready in time for key periods of increased business.


Flexible demand

When buying network hardware, there isn’t just the extra cost to consider but also the necessary quantities. Especially, when this demand could go up or down depending on market conditions.

Variables such as a temporary increase in workforce can leave your organisation suddenly needing to invest in even more hardware. It’ s an undesirable position to be in and one that can be swiftly rectified with a rental alternative.

Much like a hardware rental solution for mobility technology, a rental contract for wireless networking can be just as flexible. If a network extension requires further coverage or a pop-up outlet needs to scale down, a rental agreement can provide the flexibility you need to establish cost-effective temporary connectivity.


Keep your data safe and secure

Regardless of the length of your extended operations, one thing you don’t want to ever compromise on is security. It’s vital that your data integrity remain as secure and protected as the main network that drives your day-to-day operations. Even if this temporary network is planned to have a short lifecycle.

Renovotec takes extensive measures to ensure from the initial planning stage that your network security is always prioritised. Our expertise in cybersecurity ensures any access points, switches or other additional devices are calibrated to meet your data policies. We work with an ecosystem of technology partners to ensure only the most reliable hardware is integrated into your network. These include some of the leading names in enterprise wireless networking technology.


Contracts tailored to your requirements

Another great benefit for leveraging a hardware rental service for temporary Wi-Fi is the flexibility of the contracts. The agreements range in time and can be customised to meet the specific need of your operations. For instance, at Renovotec we offer contracts that range from 30 days to five years.

It may be that you have plans to temporarily extend your operations you are planning to change location. Whatever the reason, it’s still a considerable capital expenditure buying the infrastructure outright. Sometimes you may even not know the length of time for which you want to extend your operations. This makes a contract in which you can choose to renew your rentals very useful.

Conversely, end-to-end technology solution partners such as Renovotec also offer short-term contracts for quick turnarounds. All these elements can be tailored to your needs, and adjusted depending on any changes that may develop over time.


Conclusion: Renting wireless networking technology is easier than you think

Wireless networking remains a vital enabler for businesses in warehousing, retail and the wider supply chain. So, compromising on any element, even for temporary pop-ups, is no longer an option. With the right partner removing the strain on your network and providing a rapid, secure and flexible solution, your organisation will be fully prepared for the pressure of peak periods of seasonal business.

Contact our experts to learn more about our range of tailor-made Hardware Rental solutions and wireless services.

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