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Expert Analysis and Industry Insights for the Connected Store and Warehouse of the Future

Technology plays a vital role in any industry setting.

From the fast-moving nature of a warehouse environment to the competitive world of the retail supply chain, the right innovations deployed with the right solution can have a profound effect on a company’s success.

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Keep Your Zebra Printers Printing With SOTI Connect Print Management Solution

Your customers operate in complex environments and distributed operations.

They’re constantly moving, and they leverage mobile technology to help them do their jobs.

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‘Take Five’ To Focus On In-Store Operational Efficiency

Economic uncertainty and changing priorities in consumer spending mean markets like retail, hospitality and entertainment are all at risk.

Some four out of five (81%*) UK consumers claimed to be reassessing their spend with retail brands this year.

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Improve Productivity and Accuracy with Datalogic’s Packing Solution

Achieve better results, faster with the new Datalogic flexible and intuitive packing solution.

Packing is a common process in warehouse operations and in today’s e-commerce environment, the pack process can often cause a bottleneck between picking and shipping.

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Renovotec’s Innovative Solutions Portfolio Information Request

Transform Your Operations – with innovative solutions designed for you.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Renovotec specialises in sourcing, developing and deploying mobile enterprise solutions for a wide range of markets.

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SOTI Connect – Free licence with any Honeywell Printer Rental – Take control of your IoT

“Things” are getting smarter and more connected.

Printers, wearables, equipment, vehicles and much more are now providing organisations invaluable data and capabilities that were previously difficult, if not impossible to get.

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The Heat Is On For Sustainable Last Mile Deliveries

Logistics for the ‘last mile’ and how sustainability in deliveries can be improved… During the July heatwave the Guardian reflected on what a more frequent 40C future would mean for the UK.

Especially road and rail infrastructures that struggle in extreme heat.

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Voice Quiz – Is voice automation a solution for your operation?

Can voice automation enable your distribution centre (DC) to meet ever increasing requirements for omnichannel fulfilment while enhancing accuracy, productivity and profitability?

Picking remains among the most labour-intensive supply chain operations.

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5 Ways Voice Automation Positively Impacts Picking Workflows

Voice automation can have significant and far-reaching impacts.

Transforming the most labour-intensive operation within a warehouse to one of the most productive and efficient.

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Three Ways The SOTI ONE Platform Simplifies Digital Transformation

How can the SOTI ONE Platform software enhance and streamline your operations?

As organisations expand their technology platforms and environments become more complex, investments can be compromised by the challenges of integration and management of various platforms.

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Which of Zebra’s Rugged Tablets Is Best For You?



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The 3 Ps of the Modern Warehouse: in the rush to modernise, are we forgetting the fundamentals?

The importance of the fundamentals in the modern warehouse.

In our previous article in the modern warehouse series , we explored the importance of security and device connectivity.

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