Digitalisation World

6 February 2024

Explore Renovotec’s CEO Views on How the AIDC Market Will Develop Across Many Sectors

Find out how the AIDC market is developing in this video published by Digitalisation World on ‘From breeding hamsters to best-of-breed AIDC solutions’.

Richard Gilliard, CEO of Renovotec, provides some fascinating insights into his journey as an entrepreneur, now having established his company as a leading provider of end-to-end automatic identification and data capture solutions […]

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A group of Renovotec staff


Experiencing issues? Renovotec's support team offers speedy solutions and expert advice. Contact us for unparalleled customer service.

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UK Enterprise Mobility Summit

Renovotec to Present at UK Enterprise Mobility Summit on 22 February

Renovotec, the first choice for end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions, is pleased to announce it will be taking part in the 2024 UK Enterprise Mobility Summit.

   Organised by Google mobility technology innovator Social Mobile, this key event in the enterprise mobility calendar will be held on 22 February from 11am to 5pm […]

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The Renovotec Approach

The Renovotec Approach: Identifying your Key Challenges and Providing Effective Business Insights

At Renovotec, we believe in the importance of really understanding a customer.

It’s finding out what makes an organisation tick, what it does well, and what challenges a technology refresh could address.

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RSCL Award Nomination Renovotec

Renovotec Nominated for RCSL Logistics Solution of the Year Award

Renovotec, the leading name in end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions, is proud to announce that the Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo has nominated it for its prestigious Logistics Solution of the Year Award.

The Logistics Solution of the Year Award recognises the need for dynamic and versatile logistics technologies.

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Renovotec major shareholding Skywire

Renovotec Acquires Major Shareholding in APAC Mobility Solutions Provider Skywire 

Renovotec, the first choice for end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of a majority share in Skywire (Australia) Pty Ltd.

  Skywire is a key provider of enterprise mobility solutions throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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A mobile computer with health icons on the touchscreen

Healthcare Mobile Computers

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Someone using a mobile phone


These mobile devices offer increased flexibility and mobility for employees working in office settings, out in the field and from home.

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Two rugged smartphones

Rugged Smartphones

Rugged smartphones deliver high-end specifications with many of the features found in a business-focused rugged mobile computer.

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Zebra rugged mobile computer

Rugged Mobile Computers

Rugged devices leverage the latest developments in CPUs and GPUs for faster processing power, with support for extended memory and storage.

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Someone wearing a barcode tag on their wrist

RFID Consumables

With the right RFID handheld readers, fixed readers, antennas and printers you can effectively track the movement of your enterprise assets.

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A RFID industrial printer

RFID Printers

RFID Printers are a vital tool for any industry where tags, labels and cards are needed to support a large inventory of goods.

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A RFID antenna in the corner of a room

RFID Reader Antennas

RFID Reader Antennas are a vital component in any asset tracking and management system.

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A fixed RFID scanner in a warehouse

Fixed RFID Readers

When you need support RFID automation across your organisation, industrial Fixed RFID Readers provide a powerful and reliable solution.

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A woman using a handheld RFID scanner in a retail store

Handheld RFID Readers

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A mechanic using a wireless voice directed headset

Voice for Field Service & Inspections

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A warehouse worker using a wireless voice directed headset

Voice for the Warehouse / DC

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A machine selecting relevant products

Machine Vision

Machine vision systems leverage the latest developments in business intelligence increasing the speed of your automated industrial processes.

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Small autonomous robots moving across a warehouse floor

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

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A compact printer in use

Consumables & Media

Renovotec’s end-to-end AIDC technology solutions leverage the latest and greatest innovations in print consumables and media.

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An industrial printer in use

Industrial Printers

Alongside our range of Desktop Printers and Mobile Printers, Renovotec’s solutions also leverage the latest in Industrial Printers.

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A mobile printer in use

Mobile Printers

Mobile Printers offer the opportunity to print at a high quality on a variety of media, wherever, whenever.

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A desktop printer in use

Desktop Printers

Desktop printers are compact, durable and easy to operate, making them perfect for operations that require low- to mid-volume printing.

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A city connected by lines of light

SD-WAN Devices

SD-WAN’s offer a unique take on network management as they provide the ability to create a virtualised wireless networking setup.

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A wireless access point

Wireless Access Points

Strategically placing wireless access points can maximise signal coverage, reducing dead spots and improving the integrity of your network.

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A Wi-Fi router


Whether deployed at home or in a business setting, routers serve an important role in connecting your site to the Internet.

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Cables plugged into a network server

Network Switches

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Someone using a wireless headset

Wired & Wireless Headsets

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A warehouse worker using smart glasses

Smart Glasses

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Someone using a wearable mobile computer in a retail store

Wearable Mobile Computers

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A retail worker using a handheld barcode scanner on a customer's phone

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Our technology solutions leverage high-functionality Handheld Barcode Scanners, empowering your workers with powerful scanning capabilities.

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Someone using a rugged barcode scanner

Rugged Barcode Scanners

our technology solutions leverage the latest and greatest in rugged barcode scanning, utilising robust casings, drop and shock resistance.

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A warehouse worker using a barcode scanner

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless Barcode Scanners offer true mobility, with cutting-edge connectivity and best-of-breed scan engines.

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A healthcare worker using a barcode scanner

Healthcare Barcode Scanners

Healthcare Barcode Scanners help support the fast capture of vital patient information, supporting a more efficient healthcare operation.

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Someone using a wearable barcode scanner

Wearable Barcode Scanners

If your workers are constantly needing to pick up and put down a handheld barcode scanner they may benefit from using a wearable alternative.

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Someone scanning a card under a fixed barcode scanner

Fixed Barcode Scanners

Fixed barcode scanners offer organisation high-performance and hands-free scanning, and scan 1D, 2D and direct part marks with ease.

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Renovotec opens two new EU offices

Renovotec Expands Global Footprint with Two New Offices

Fast growing AIDC provider responds to customer demand Warrington, UK – 9am BST, 24th October: Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing provider of end-to-end automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) technology solutions and services for organisations operating throughout the supply chain, today announced the strategically significant opening of two new offices, one serving the Nordic region […]

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Benelux Region

Alongside its extensive operations in the UK and Nordics, Renovotec is also proud to support organisations throughout the Benelux region.

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Nordic Region

Renovotec continues its expansion into Europe with the opening of a new Nordic Region Office, based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Displays touchscreen


Renovotec is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all its activities and to taking steps to ensure that its supply chains are free from slavery and human trafficking.

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Icon saying RFID


Gain a complete and real-time view of your assets and your workforce with an end-to-end RFID technology solution with Renovotec.

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How Retailers are Using Mobile Technology to Address Their Biggest IT Challenges

How can Retailers use Mobile Technology to Address their IT Challenges?

Like any industry, the retail supply chain is facing a mountain of challenges as a result of various market shifts and ongoing economic pressures.

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People looking at software code on hologram

Printer Software Services

Renovotec's Printer Software Services keeps your print infrastructure at full strength with a range of print applications and software tools.

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Renovotec's Nordic office from the outside


Find contact details and information for Renovotec's regional offices in the UK, Europe, and worldwide locations.

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A digital device's hardware being repaired

Repair Centre Services

Renovotec provides a variety of repair services designed to meet your exact maintenance requirements and reduce costly downtimes.

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A barcode printer

Hardware Rental Services

Renovotec hardware rental services is an affordable and flexible way to scale your hardware infrastructure for peak periods of business.

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Coding software on computer screen

Software Development & Engineering

Renovotec software development & engineering service will ensure your software elements are configured to your specific business requirements.

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Someone managing their files on a hologram

Managed IT Services

Renovotec's Managed IT Services, powered by Guardian, provide a secure and reliable means of supporting your technology estate.

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A computer showing how a network can be managed with a flowchart of icons

Network Design & Management Services

Renovotec’s highly experienced team of wireless networking specialists are here to design, deploy and support your new network.

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A cloud icon with a lock inside

Cybersecurity Services

Renovotec's cybersecurity services will help secure your digital infrastructure, protecting you against hackers, malware and other forms of cyber threat.

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A tablet showing analytics

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Renovotec data analytics & business intelligence service helps you translate business data and intelligence into operational gains.

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A tech support employee on a computer with headset

Tech Support, Training & Helpdesk Services

Renovotec provide technical assistance and incident resolution for our customers with our rolling support packages.

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An employee managing data on multiple digital devices

IT Project Management

Renovotec – overseeing and supporting your new technology solution from initial concepts to ongoing post-deployment support.

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Two employees using a computer

IT Consulting

Renovotec's team of specialists are here to support your business needs with market-leading insights and knowledge.

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Two employees in a computer bank room using a tablet

Cloud Computing Services

Enhance your operational capabilities and transform efficiency with cloud computing services from Renovotec.

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Maximise Your Wireless Network Potential with Wi-Fi 6E Site Surveys

How can you maximise your wireless network potential with Wi-Fi site surveys?

Wi-Fi 6 has been the Wi-Fi standard for quite some time now.

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Wireless Innovation and Machine Vision are Underpinning Operational Success in the Warehouse

So, why are wireless innovation and machine vision so crucial to success in warehouse operations?

The needs of the modern warehouse are changing, and the warehouse of the future will be no different.

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A mobile phone

Mobile Computers

Renovotec is your one-stop-shop for mobile computing solutions, with almost 30 years of experience supplying mobile computer innovations.

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The Blue Yonder logo

Blue Yonder

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The AML logo


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The Brother logo


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The logo for Datalogic


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The logo for Honeywell


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The Newland logo


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The Pepperl+Fuchs logo


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Ruckus Networks


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A group of Renovotec staff


Looking to enhance your technology solutions? Contact Renovotec today for expert advice, support, and service details. Contact us today.

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A group of employees around a table

Executive Management

Get to know Renovotec's executive management team driving technology solutions for supply chain and retail.

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A circle of people putting their hands into the centre

Our Values

Learn about the principles and moral standards that drive our team at Renovotec. Our core values inform how we work with our customers.

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A tree growing around an office

Sustainability & CSR

Learn about Renovotec's commitment to sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and positive impact on society and the environment.

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A group of employees around a table

Software Partners

Renovotec software partners – Access the latest innovations in software and app development from Renovotec's ecosystem of trusted ISVs.

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Someone cutting the ribbon to open a Renovotec office

About Us

Learn about Renovotec, the experts in tailored technology solutions, faster ROI, and outstanding service for supply chain needs.

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Technology Partners

Discover the trusted technology partners that power Renovotec's solutions with cutting-edge technology innovations.

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A mini-barcode printer printing out barcodes

Printers & Consumables

Renovotec has decades of experience creating, deploying and supporting business with printers & consumables.

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A woman using a touchscreen kiosk


Technology that enhances the customer experience with dynamic interactive displays, kiosks and concierge devices.

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Someone using a barcode printer

Managed Print Services

Our managed print services consolidate and streamline your infrastructure into one manageable and cost-effective printing solution.

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Someone assembling a printer

Printer Hardware Services (inc SLAs)

Renovotec Printer Hardware Service is designed to ensure that your print hardware is kept fully operational.

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Someone using the touchscreen of a mobile computer


Renovotec tailor-made solutions leverage mobile technology, print innovations, software development and much more.

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Icons of a wireless network overlayed on a office building image

Wireless Networking

Renovotec sources the latest and greatest hardware you need for a new a refreshed wireless network infrastructure.

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Someone using a barcode scanner

Barcode Scanners

When it comes to mobility technology and data capture, one size does not fit all. Our extensive portfolio of barcode scanners are sourced from our ecosystem of trusted scanning partners.

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Someone using a touchscreen display

Displays & Touchscreens

Touchscreen displays offer countless opportunities to enhance worker productivity and the customer experience

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A customer using an electronic point of sale system (ePOS contactless payment) to pay


The latest innovations in electronic Point-of-Sale (ePOS) hardware technologies for all industry applications.

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Renovotec office

Renovotec Innovation Centre (RIC)

Renovotec state-of-the-art, multi-vendor customer experience centre. Featuring hardware and software innovations from our partner ecosystem.

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A barcode printer in use

Printer Services

Renovotec are proud to offer our customers a scalable range of dedicated Printer Services for the supply chain and beyond.

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Rugged Mobility for the Warehouse from Renovotec

Home Page

Renovotec provides end-to-end technology solutions for supply chain and retail. Discover our innovations in hardware, software & services.

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Someone using a tablet touchscreen


We offer customised Technology Solutions to optimise operations. Learn how our solutions can streamline processes and productivity.

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Two workers using a tablet in a warehouse

Warehousing Solutions

Renovotec provides optimised warehousing solutions. Learn how our tailored technology innovations can increase productivity and accuracy.

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A lorry in transport

Logistics Solutions

Renovotec provides optimised logistics technology solutions. Learn how our innovations can enhance fleet effectiveness and deliveries.

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Someone making a contactless payment

Retail Supply Chain Solutions

Retail Supply Chain Solutions by Renovotec. Learn how our innovations can enhance your supply chain and omnichannel experiences

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A warehouse worker seen through a metal tube

Manufacturing Solutions

Get Smart Manufacturing Solutions from Renovotec. Our tailored innovations optimise operations and embrace Industry 4.0 for your factory.

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Two healthcare workers using a tablet

Healthcare Solutions

Renovotec delivers Healthcare Technology Solutions that enhance operations and care, optimising your healthcare setting.

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A customer using a touchscreen kiosk in a cafe

Hospitality Solutions

Renovotec provides Hospitality Technology solutions to enhance operations and service. Innovations that optimise costs and experiences.

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Innovative solutions and outstanding services for all industries


Renovotec has years of experience supporting organisations across multiple industries and sectors including retail and the supply chain.

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A warehouse employee using a tablet


Renovotec is supporting warehouses and distribution centres with innovation solutions and outstanding customer service.

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A lorry driving down the road

Transport & Logistics

Renovotec is supporting fleets and logistics providers with innovation solutions and outstanding customer service.

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A woman using her mobile to check a product in a retail store.

Retail Supply Chain

Renovotec is supporting retail and retail supply chain organisations with innovation solutions and outstanding customer service.

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Robotic arms working on constructing a vehicle


End-to-end AIDC technology solutions for manufacturing, brought to you by Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners.

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A healthcare worker checking a child's heartbeat


Renovotec will help you deliver better patient care with a tailor-made technology solution, powered by the latest and greatest innovations.

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Employees working on food and drinks in a restaurant


End-to-end AIDC technology solutions for hospitality and food service, brought to you by Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners.

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Abstract network of hexagonal shapes.


We offer the latest Technology Services to optimise your operations, including IT consulting, support, cloud computing, and more.

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UK Tech News

21 June 2023

Renovotec launches Industry First Multi-Vendor Innovation Centre for the Supply Chain

Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing provider of end-to-end AIDC technology solutions and services for organisations operating throughout the supply chain launches its Renovotec Innovation Centre (RIC) at its 6,288 sq.

ft purpose-designed facility, based at the head office in Newton-Le-Willows, near Warrington.

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A retail worker and customer

Retail Innovation Hub

20 June 2023

Asda hails new Renovotec Innovation Centre for companies operating throughout supply chain

Renovotec, a UK-based provider of end-to-end AIDC technology solutions and services for organisations operating throughout the supply chain, has launched an innovation centre at its 6,288 sq.

ft facility based at the firm’s head office in Newton-Le-Willows, near Warrington.

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SOTI Connect – Free licence with any Honeywell Printer Rental – Take control of your IoT

“Things” are getting smarter and more connected.

Printers, wearables, equipment, vehicles and much more are now providing organisations invaluable data and capabilities that were previously difficult, if not impossible to get.

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The 3 Ps of the Modern Warehouse: in the rush to modernise, are we forgetting the fundamentals?

The importance of the fundamentals in the modern warehouse.

In our previous article in the modern warehouse series , we explored the importance of security and device connectivity.

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Renovotec & Italian Hi-Tech Custom Group Agree UK Distribution Deal

Renovotec to distribute over 120 Custom printing, POS, scanning and mobile computing products in the UK – targeting OEM manufacturer sales Renovotec to market Custom solutions to UK retail and other sectors “The UK market is strategic for the company’s growth plans” says Custom head of corporate marketing Alessandro Mastropasqua, pictured “Our partnership with Custom […]

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Renovotec’s ‘Life After Brexit’ Warehouse Consulting Service: Deploying Technology To Replace People

According to Renovotec warehouse service levels can be maintained or increased with up to 30% fewer staff.

The company’s ‘Life After Brexit’ consulting service includes ‘warehouse walkthrough’ analysis and recommendations for smart technology deployment coupled with an holistic approach to automation – all geared to higher productivity with lower staffing levels in logistics, manufacturing and […]

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